Sunday, 15 May 2011

Shimelle's Challenge 4 - Story behind a photo

For a number of years we have been holidaying in a town called Mojacar in Spain, and for the same number of years I have seen this sign.  Each time I see it, I have to smile and make a promise to take a photo.  2010 I finally got the shot.

The sign is in spanish "Obra Ilegal" meaning Illegal Work...

the story behind the photo is... a neighbour built some sort of addition to his home illegally (without the official paperwork- isn't that just what happens in Spain anyway?...), this upset the person living next door so much that he put up (on his own house) a sign pointing out the illegal work, (which is probably also illegal). 

What makes me really smile is that the sign can be seen from one of the main roads through the town and I can't imagine either person could sell their house due to the sign and also it means they both have to remain a neighbours!  I also admire the person who owns the sign to show their displeasure so publically - they can't be British...

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