Sunday, 26 September 2010

Another first...Christmas cards

Inspired by the challenge on the scrapbook sisters challenge I had a go at making some Christmas cards, I am pleasantly surprised by how well they turned out..   

This is the first card I made using the brief over the edge from the scrapbook sisters challenge, both the silver card and and the scalloped circles are over the edge, so i hope it fits!

There's a lot of detail in this little tree, I'm quite pleased how the mix of colours worked but not sure about the baubles..
the stamp is from a christmas collection by papermania, a bit of bargain at Scrapbook Sisters

Having done a traditional colour way I thought I would have a go using up some papers in my stash, I like the idea but next time the trunk of the tree will be a silver colour, as I think the black is too strong

I also need to learn how to photograph mirror card, without having pink tinge of my face taking the photos!

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Still trying to upload the photos!.... I will get the hang of this

This was the second attempt!
The card entered for the ScrapbookSisters first challenge
The first card using the Pink and Black brief!
Now I have worked out how to do this - whoop whoop!

The second attempt!

Second go....  I spent yesterday having such a lovely day at the scrapbooksisters crop.  I thought I would try to add the photos of the cards I made for their first card challenge, I'm now struggling with the second challenge. 

Card making doesn't come easily to me at the moment (such hope in the future!!) but I keep trying.  But having the inspiration of lovely Julie, from Rainbow Days blog julie-rainbowdays, I keep having a go...

Sunday, 12 September 2010

The first!

This is the first I have ever done on a blog...

Here are some cards that I have made to enter a competition at ScrapbookSisters.  I hope you like them